Cancer is both financially and emotionally crippling disease, and there is nothing more tragic and traumatic than to watch your loved ones slowly waste away, particularly when the patient is a child. It is to combat that sad truth that the child cancer fund was started.

The Child Cancer Fund is involved in and organises various activities to increase awareness about cancer and to support, both financially and emotionally, the families which have fallen prey to this disease.
The Trust raises and spends about Rs. 75,000- 80,000 per month, for the treatment of 25 to 30 children. More than
Rs. 21 lakhs has been raised and spent on treatment of child cancer patients since the inception of the trust.
Why do we focus on Child Cancer patients?
• Many childhood cancers are curable if detected early and treated completely.
• Cure rates now are 75% in children as compared to 60% in adults.
• Curing a child with cancer saves a great many years of productive life. A five year old child may have more than    70 years to live.
• It has been estimated that 400,000 years of life will be saved by treating children diagnosed in one year.

Activities of the Child Cancer Fund:
1) Financial support for the treatment of child cancer patients
• By procuring and making available to them, standard and good quality medicines.
• By paying bills for radiotherapy and surgery in deserving cases.
2) Emotional support for child cancer patients and their families by organising Support Group Meetings
3) Organizing puppet shows, magic shows and children’s parties to liven their spirits.
4) Setting up of counseling centres in hospitals so as to guide, educate and help poor patients and their families.
5) Organising Events for cancer awareness and fund raising.
6) Publishing material to increase awareness about cancer.

Since it’s inception, Aadhar has helped more than 160 children avail treatment, raising and spending in the process more than Rs 25 lakhs. During the last one year Aadhar has helped more than 60 children undergo treatment at various hospitals dealing with cancer patients across the city. The amount spent on this has been approximately Rs.7 Lakhs. All these funds have come from kindness and generosity of people from different walks of life.

We appeal to you to donate generously for this cause.

Aadhar conducts regular eye camps for poor and needy patients at various sites. Similar eye camps are held in schools with students from lower economic strata and children as well as parents. Each camp is visited by an average of 300-350 patients, where they receive a complete eye check-up for free.
Furthermore, all cases requiring major or minor surgery including Lens implants are done free of cost. The patients are followed up till satisfactory result is achieved. We are further supported in our efforts by socially conscious organizations like The Rotary Club (Delhi West) who provide intra ocular lenses for the patients. All patients are further advised by Aadhar on preventive aspects in eye care and importance of nutrition.

We hold pediatric camps in the nearby jhuggi-jhopri colonies .In these camps all children are given a free check-up.
Aadhar holds free Paediatric Camps in jhuggi-jhopri clusters so as to reach maximum number of children who are in need of these services. All the children in the clusters are given a check up and provided with Immunizations, Free Medications and Nutritional support.Any child with chronic and long standing problems are examined and investigated. Parents are advised accordingly. In some cases they are called to our center for further help and advice.
During these camps, the services of Doctors, Nurses and other administrative staff is on a completely voluntary basis and the drugs, vaccines and materials are procured on discounted basis.

We at Aadhar assure you that the funds would be used entirely for the purpose for which they are donated.

The counselling centre for cancer patients & care-givers works in close association with each other. Over the years, we felt the need to reach out to all cancer patients in terms of latest information regarding the medical care, peripheral facilities required for rehabilitation, emotional support to the patients and families and other issues. Keeping this in mind we at Aadhar are starting a counselling centre and support group for cancer patients and care-givers. This service will be available to all who require it.

Our support groups are designed to help patients feel less tense, helpless and hopeless. The support group will make every effort to:
Decrease patient’s sense of alienation by talking to others in similar situations
Reduce anxiety about the treatments
Assist in clarifying misconceptions and misinformation
Lessen feelings of isolation, helplessness and neglect by others

The GOALS of the counselling centre are:
Counselling: to help reduce depression, hostility, anxiety and feelings of helplessness.
Education: Informing patients and relatives about the disease, its treatment and other relevant information such as common side effects
Answering queries patients may have about the disease and about positive health practices such as diet and exercise
Stress Management: Through relaxation techniques, meditation and yoga
Advise on nutrition: What to eat, what to avoid, healthy and wholesome recipes in consultation with a dietician
General information such as how to get wigs and other prosthesis, information on genuine dealers who supply, on sale or hire, wheel chairs, crutches, walkers and other things required for these patient.

As we all are aware, the youth in any population has the power to move mountains if they are focused enough. Thus we, at Aadhar, are providing the youth a positive direction to come forward and help as many people as possible.

For this task, we have a group of youngsters called Youth Against Cancer associated with the Child Cancer Fund.The members of this group are highly motivated youngsters who are ready and very eager to play a role in alleviating the suffering of hundreds of children and give them the courage and support to fight against the disease.
Youth Against Cancer started out as a small group of people with big hearts and soon it spread to include individuals from all walks of life.We believe it is crucial to sensitise the youngsters to the plight of others not so fortunate as ourselves.

The activities carried out by this group are:
• Organising shows for fund raising
• Designing of pamphlets and other material
• Performing Street Plays for increasing awareness in the masses.
• Going to hospitals and meeting cancer patients for emotional support.
• Motivating people to work for the cause.

Youth against cancer is going to start small campaigns in schools and colleges to increase awareness about cancer.
It is currently made up of a core group of 5 members and other volunteers.

AKSHAY GAUTAM—Akshay has finished his Bachelors degree in Journalism and mass communications. He is a marketing and HR consultant.He is an event manager and DJ. He is involved in the planning and management of the light and sound facilities. He comes up with new concepts and ideas for different events and uses his experience to help in the planning.

ANINDITA DATTA CHOUDHURY— She is working as a journalist in India Today .
Anindita is a talented and budding playwright .She has been co-writing and directing the plays and street plays performed by YAC along with volunteer Ripin. This year they have written the storyline for the documentary, and are helping in the production of the same.

SAURABH ARORA- Saurabh is a First Year MBA student
Saurabh is a keenly interested in all the activities of the YAC. He is an enthusiastic and very cheerful organizer and co-ordinator of all functions. In fact he is at the Fore front of all activities and keeps us going on ahead. He is confident and ready to shoulder whatever responsibility is given to him.

SHREYA KULKARNI— Shreya has completed his BTech in Biotechnology. Shreya is the co-ordinator of all activities of the YAC along with Sauabh. During events he assumes the role of a veritable Man Friday for us. He maintains communication with all the members and takes active part in all their activities.

NEHA MEHTA—Neha has done her Bachelors degree in Journalism amd Mass Communication. Currently she is working in Bose. Neha is an active participant in planning and execution of all events. She works with Anindita by giving her suggestions in directing the play. She is a very good actress and her role in last years play was deeply appreciated by all. She takes special interest in stage management and costume designing.

We would like to acknowledge and thank all the volunteers of Youth Against Cancer, who have given generously their time and talents to participate in all our functions and to make them successful.

Dr. Avinash Kulkarni      Managing Trustee.
MD (Pediatrics),DCH,DipNB
Consultant Pediatrician.
A-361 ,Meera Bagh,
New Delhi-110087.

Dr. Rajeshwary Kulkarni      Trustee.
DOMS; DipNB(Ophtho)
Consultant Ophthalmologist.
A-361,Meera Bagh,
New Delhi-110087.

Wg Cdr. Pradeep Valsangkar      Trustee
BE, M Tech, MBA.
CEO, Global Consulting Solutions.
B-12 , Sec 33 ,


Aadhar Counselling Centre
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