How YOU Can Help


Our patients urgently require life saving drugs and chemotherapy to battle their illness. We can help them in their crusade by procuring and providing good quality medicines free of cost.
You can "adopt" a child for the duration of his or her treatment . During this time, the bills of the child’s treatment would be sponsored by you. On an average a child needs 5000 for chemotherapy every month.
Based on the amount of money pledged, you may be able to fund the cost of medication of one or more child, during the course of their treatment. To assure authenticity, you may meet the children who are going to benefit from your contribution, and their parents. Each month the trust will provide you with the bills of the medicines and a progress report on the child's treatment.

Funds are required for the efficient working of the child cancer fund. Your donation may be made for any of the following :
Medicines for the treatment of the patients: Aadhar provides standard and good quality medicines prescribed by the doctors in well known hospitals like Lok Nayak Jai Prakash NArayan Hospital,Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital ,All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute ,Sir Ganga Ram Hospital etc.
Nutritional supplements for the patients: These may be in the form of high protein supplements and tonics. Most of our patients are from poor families where their nutritional status is already poor and the illness makes it worse.
Certain life saving medicines like L-asparaginase and growth factor: These are extremely expensive. Most children require these medicines at the beginning of their treatment.

Books and pamphlets are being published and to help spread awareness about the causes of cancer,the treatment modalities, supportive care and preventive aspects of cancer. These books and pamphlets are being distributed either at nominal cost or free of charge to all the patients. Dr Manoj Sharma Prof.Dept of Radiotherapy LNJP and advisor to Govt.Of India . on Cancer control . As a dono, your could sponsor the publication of books to be distributed in various hospitals, at events of the trust and for the on going research being carried out by Aadhar Charitable Trust.

Aadhar Charitable Trust, in connection with Youth Against Cancer, also organises events like:
• Cancer awareness programs,
• Street plays
• Children’s parties for the cancer patients
• Hospital visits by the volunteers to meet the patients

The two major cancer awareness and fund raising events organised by Aadhar Charitable Trust are “Dish-ek prayas” and “Jailhouse Rock- Reliving Elvis”. They were organised at FICCI auditorium in September 2004 and December 2005 respectively.
Aadhar is also actively involved in on going research projects on Child Cancer to facilitate in fighting of this dreadful disease. Studies are being done in association with some senior doctors so that we can better understand the common causes of childhood cancers in India and also treatment options better suited for the Indian Population.

Aadhar Charitable Trust regularly organises free eye camps and paediatric camps in various locations in and around Delhi like Paschim Vihar, Meera Bagh Jhuggi colonies,Dwarka, Bahadurgrah etc. The patients are provided with free check ups, medication and in case of eye camps, free surgeries are done for cataract cases and lens implants. We are able to reach to the poor sections of the society by these activities and get more than 300 patients in the camps from these areas. Funds are required for the medication, lenses, surgical material, syringes, spectacles and other miscellaneous items used during these camps. You may fully or partially sponsor eye or paediatric camps.

Sign up as a volunteer for Aadhar Chartible Trust and be the part of the solution. You can help with:

a) Fund Raising:
   • Getting new ideas for generation of funds.
   • Getting sponsorships.
   • Organising fund raisers and other events.

b) Giving Emotional support:
   • Interact with children and their families.
   • Help in Organising parties, magic shows and puppet shows.
   • Visit hospitals to talk to patients and their families.

c) Publishing and marketing:
   • Help in designing new pamphlets for cancer awareness.
   • Distribute Aadhar's pamphlets, books and magazines near your area or at work.
   • Sell cards.

d) Office Support:
   • Help out in making entries and managing files at aadhar.
   • Making calls and tracking patients and upgrading their status.